We use great hotel accommodations in Kathmandu. These hotels are chosen for their quality service and their locations.

Hyatt regency hotel in Kathmandu


Hyatt Hotel Kathmandu is a five star luxury hotel and resort, located near the UNESCO World Heritage site Bouddhanath is just 4 km from airport has 280 rooms and suit rooms.





Godawari Village Resort

Godavari Village Resort is located approximately ten kilometers from the city centers close to the nature out of the main hustles and bustles of the city surrounded by beautiful mountain chains built with Nepalese traditional architecture style.



Hotel Himalaya

Hotel Himalaya is a four star hotel tucked away in the quiet green suburbs of the city, spread over a well manicured lush green lawns with a perfect view of the mountain ranges on a clear day.


Hotel Manaslu
Hotel Manaslu is located in the heart of this city, close to embassies and commercial exchange. As a budget type hotel, it has cozy accommodation and swimming pool.




Hotel Yak & Yeti
Hotel Yak & Yeti is a luxury five star hotel located at a convenient city centre providing the highest degree of comfort and convenience maintain international standard services.



Emergency Air Transport

Air Dynasty Helicopter service

Air Dynasty Heli Services has a good safety track record and experienced pilots. It uses 4 Ecureuil AS 350 helicopters and can fly upto 20,000 Feet AMSL.

Fishtail Air Helicopter provides quick air transport services along with Air Dyansty to provide efficient and reliable service to our clients.


Hospital / Emergency Medical service / Mountain Medicine Practice


We understand the importance of our clients’ health as utmost priority for us, therefore, in order to provide quick emergency services or any medical related services whether it be travel  medicine or any other medical services including vaccination we use below listed two clinics along with other renowned hospitals in Kathmandu,



Nepal International clinic