Why Choose Mountain Climb

Mountain Climb (MCL) is an ISO Certified professional Himalayan Mountaineering expedition specialist company whether it be Everest Expedition, Kangchenjunga or any other mountains of 7000 meter to 8000 meters. We know that sometimes it is difficult to choose the right company to arrange or provide logistical support for your expeditions because due to the internet facility one can put the world in finger tips and people get illusion with many internet advertisement or copyright information and get confused which one to choose, therefore Mountain Climb suggests that you take time to choose the right professional company so that you will not have a surprises later! Organizing and leading dozens of mountaineering expeditions since many years is what makes us different to any other expedition organizer companies.

Mountain Climb is solely owned and operated by professional Sherpa people having decades of experience in mountaineering / Mountain climbing. Not much introduction is needed about the Sherpas, whether it be since the early introduction of mountaineering expeditions in the Himalayas, be it for Everest expedition of George Mallory in 1922 or Sir Edmund Hillary’s first successful ascent of Everest in 1953 with Tenzing Norgey Sherpa, the Sherpa people have played important role for success any expedition and since then or now becoming even more and more important role for success of mountaineering expeditions that we are proud to share such moments. Therefore, the mountains, mountaineering and Sherpas have become synonymous to each other. Sherpas are renowned in the international climbing and mountaineering community for their honesty, hardworking, expertise, reliability and experience at high altitudes. And having decades of experience in mountaineering expeditions ourselves we know what exact logistics are important to make an expedition success and we take our business seriously; give clients the upto-dated and reliable information.

For Mountain Climb Client safety issues and success rate will be the first priority providing good logistical support and knowledgeable staffs.

Pricing variation- due to lots of differences in price of different operators can create confusion which is a fair price and which is not, which is cheaper or expensive, and about us all price we quote will be fair and reasonable. Of course, very cheap price means poor service and mountaineering expeditions need rigorous and professional service, that we maintain with a reasonable and fair price.

Mountain Climb has a good pay system to the staffs, porters and ensures well clothed from elements and insured through a reliable Insurance company giving full protection. We train our guides and climbing sherpas on regular basis to enhance their knowledge on climbing, safety of clients and even for themselves and we do not employ any new staff without having at least a formal mountaineering training with relevant proof. We believe that just proper training the staffs the clients receive better service and reduce any casualties or bad incidence!

We also train our kitchen staffs and cooks regarding hygiene issues of overall group and new tastes, and of course, environmental concern is also our first priority.